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FS: 97 Mesa Studio 22+ combo, exc

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Jul 12, 2020
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no trades please

conus shipping included. PayPal or Venmo fine.

this is a Mesa studio 22+ combo amp. I believe it is a '97 model and was serviced around 2 years ago at a Mesa center in Indianapolis by Kevin at Uncle Albert's. it has been used only a few hours since then. it is a very loud 22 watts and easily holds it own onstage against a drummer. it weighs 35 lbs on my shipping scale and makes a great grab and go amp. it is very easy to set up a great, punchy, fender clean and footswitch to a nice soaring lead tone. the graphic eq is footswitchable and works great as a boost for either channel. the graphic eq pops the first time you footswitch it but does not after that. I have heard this is common with several mesa models. graphic and channel footswitches are included but cables are not. any speaker cable will work. the original speaker was replaced with a Weber 50 watt Silver Bell and it sounds great with this amp. the current tubes are a mix of Mesa 7025 str (Chinese) and NOS USA preamp tubes and a match pair of Russian NOS 6P14P power tubes. I am including another set of preamp tubes, 3-mesa 7025 str (Chinese) 2 new JJ ECC83s and another pair of matches Russian NOS 6P14P power tubes. also includes a heavy duty soft cover that Velcros underneath and has a handle opening. $850




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