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I have a Mesa-Boogie Express 550 on my bench at work. I know it's a problem with the mute circuit but not sure how to pin point the failed component(s). No voltage at the J175M, J175RSM or the J175RFS gates.
Hi, I ordered mine direct with Randy and Raven back in 1975 or 1976 I wish I never sold mine as l did a nationwide tour with it and it performed flawlessly. I wish they would make an “ exact” custom shop repro of them.
No issues... just busy with life stuff & cancer recovery.
I am enjoying my Mesa Mark-V 35, Mesa MiniRec, Fender model-30 (reengineered Rivera-era combo with JBL K120 speaker),
Blackstar Silverline HD100. Activities: worship band, jail ministry, church audio production and internet streaming, occasional
mastering or recording. I no longer support touring musicians... I am too old to do all of that physical labor.