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started demoing the rotten roof on my barn ruin...BUT, I got motion sickness from being in the cherry picker bucket...which I've had since Dec 22nd!
I'm seeing a vestibular physical therapist and she's helped quite a bit in just a few days

Dealing with rental property related issues

Trying out a new luthier in a nearby village

learning how to use a modern wood burning stove, I've been posting a lot to hearthDOTcom forum

just adopted another stray cat just before christmas 2023

just finalized plans for a stay in Petaluma for a couple weeks this spring

haven't been playing much plugged in...my rack just isn't working right; RJM RG-16 squeals like a banshee if I use any of the loop returns

been learning Spectral Layers 10 Pro for film NR and I'm pretty amazed
They are doing road construction by my place so I woke up to construction noises.

I guess I'm just happy they are fixing the road. Still, not the best way to wake up.

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