uptempo rock tune, "Work it Out"

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May 29, 2007
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1981 mesa Mark 2B, 60w w/GEQ, thru a closed back 1x12 cab with a greenback, close miced with a AT4033 and Shure SM57.

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a fun little tune about not arguing, and working it out.

the drummer, worked his parts out from a distance..
using an old demo of mine, with drum machine, stripping the drum machine off and replacing it with a click..
then tracking new drums, sent me the tracks, and i started over, building up the rhythm section and then the vox.

pretty simple straightfoward mix...
going for an old classic rock mix vibe...

Work It Out
I never think about the reasons that we
do the things we do
I always figure, it will work out by tomorrow.
yeah, I don't like to argue over little things
let's talk it out, with a smile, and walk
away happy.
Let's work it out, yeah, man, it's cool.
Let's get it back together.
There ain't no sense in arguing…
c'mon. let's go!
Let's work it out, man, it's cool.
man, you're ripping it up on that song! nice playing.

i've always liked greenbacks. just a classic rock speaker. your tone is nice and punchy, what with the closed back cab. i'm using a weber silver bell in a mesa 3/4 back cab, which is kinda greenbackish in character.
thanks man, you're the only one that bothered checking it out.

no love, for the vintage boogies, i guess....
but that's cool.
it always comes back around don't it, folks looking for 'new' sounds, that are old sounds.

the silver bell is a great speaker.
i've always wondered about the "pre-rola" speakers that weber can build....
tho, for the same price, i could just re-cone my old greenbacks, which would probably be the better deal, but if you DIDn't have an old greeback, then the pre-rola would be the deal.
my greenbacks date back to late 70's/early 80's, not sure which it is exactly.
ah, i found some pics from the tracking session:

cab and mic:

boogie MKIIb
since i only got one response, i thought i'd give it one last bump, a'fore i yank it..

well, i'm glad you caught it!

it seems, there's very little love here, for the old classic amps.
i think people believe they can't make rockin' tones.
my secret weapon.

yes, the strat was used for the rhythms, a Carvin DC200 Koa with a duncan custom custom did the lead, thru the same rig.

that strat is all custom, by the way, with a bill Lawrence L500L in the bridge, doesn't sound too strat-ty that way.

thanks for listening!
Great tone and great playing.

I think I've checked out some of the other stuff you've posted and It always leaves me wanting a MkII. The B sounds pretty good, not sure how different it is from the C+ but the tone your getting is pretty happening.

thanks scotty!

yep, i've always dug the IIb character...
i've played a C, not a C+

it's hard to imagine there being a whole lot of difference.
but either way, it's what i got, so i'm using it.

now, it's all about discovering the girthiest tone i can get using the palmer to record it.....
and i haven't really done a lot of experimenting with micing a low volume scenario, since i've gotten the new avatar cab with the Heritage celestion G12H in it....
but i will.

posting soon.........
Great Stuff Gonzo!!

thick tone, very 80's marshally on the rhy tone, nasty, fat and no harsh. remind me some of late 80s MSG stuff (not the licks really, but songwriting and harmonies, although the licks are cool also 8)

i really liked the vocals either. is that you singing??

keep em comin' bro!!
hey viggo!

thanks for listening

that sound, is my carvin into a Boss DS-1, into the boogie.
i guess the crappy boss pedal gave it the grundge it needed...
and the boogie provided the no harsh.

yep that's me singing, and all tracks except the drums.

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