"First Tracks" - Rock instrumental, mark 2b

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May 29, 2007
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"First Tracks"

all mesa mark2b.

i've uploaded a 320kbps mp3, that can be streamed or downloaded:
(select the player, then hit play again)



First Tracks, is a rock instrumental.
the idea is a pristine setting on a snow covered mountain, bluebird day, champagne powder, first tracks.

this is an unmastered first mix-
i used Har-Bal on this file, as an experiment, 1st time user.

i just put down a brand new bass line to this last night...
using my new 'baby bass'
i split a signal two ways from my sansamp bass di- one direct to the mic pre, with a bit of deep eq from the sansamp, and one to my mesa, set a little dirty on the clean channel, with a direct feed from the mesa to a palmer pdi-09, and then direct to a mic pre and convertor.

i'd like to have some comments on both the mix elements, and the eq overall.....
to get a feel for whether or not what i've done with this har-bal program is working or not.
alright spamds!!
a brave soul has brought forth a critique...

any opinions on the boogie sound?
definitely NOT going for the typical tones here...
a shot of the rig:



I like the playing a lot. Good tones and good mix. Great job!!!
great playing man i really dig your playing and compositional ideas/abilities as well as some really good phrasing ideas. Keep up the good work and thanks for SHARING it with us. KEEP ROCKIN :)
hey, thanks for listening!

glad you dig it....

appreciate the kind words.....
i've got a ton of stuff coming down the pike, i'll post a few...
Agreed. Nice sound, very edgy and cutting and articulate, without being harsh or buzzy or anything like that. Great sound, good riffs, creative tune as well. Proof that it's not just about playing a bunch of shrink wrapped hyper speed scales and boxed set arpeggios. You actually tried to give your riffs some of what I call "signature" so we can tell it's you!

Very cool stuff! And not overcooked with fx! I have recently grown a real appreciation for the Barber pedals. Throw in a Damage Control Liquid Blues or a Womanizer and you will be up all night trying to hear all the sounds! :mrgreen:
thanks for checking it out!

that old mark2b, it never sounds buzzy.
yep, i started out young, going for the speed, but over time, i've tried to edit myself.
you know, get to the point, without more than it needs.
i still dig listening to the hyper stuff from time to time, and i record stuff like that for myself, that i never play...

i dig the barber stuff.
it lets my true sound come out, without messing with it.
it just gives me.... more.

i'm seriously contemplating the idea of adding a CLEAN BOOST

i've been experimenting with my tone press, as a clean boost only, and it almost gets me the purist boogie tone i've had to date.
I really like your sound and style...kind of an 1988 thru 1991 Steve Vai meets Steely Dan. Great rhythm section too...I give it a 9 out of 10! :D The only thing I don't like is the name. It's way too SeXy of a song to be called "Bat's Brew". It should be called "Chocolate love sexy cosmic orgasm in E major" IMO!
thanks man...
glad yo udig it.
but, the song is called 'first tracks'.
tho "Chocolate love sexy cosmic orgasm in E major" might be the new title!

stephen sawall
thanks for listening.
this one features the boogie in several different gain stages and levels of saturation, and is miced up, so i use it as a benchmark for looking for tones now using the palmer pdi-09 as the interface between amp and my recorder now...
nothing takes the place of a mic in a room tho.

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