Possible Rare 50 Caliber head??

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Jun 16, 2006
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Hello, I just bought a mint 50 Caliber head that I think might be one of the rarer versions. Its says 50 Caliber on the front, its running EL84's, it doesn't have an EQ and it does have a Lead Master Knob on it. It has 8 knobs on the front and 1 in the back for the direct recording level. It has metal toggle switches. it does not have a push/pull pot on it.
The owners manual for the 50 cal says nothing about the lead master knob however the owners manual for the 50 cal + does.
So... just curious.. is this a rare model or something that was custom order. The seller told me is an original model from around 1989.

The serial number is coming back that its a 1987. I also have a 1988 50 Caliber with the EQ and it also has the Lead Master Volume knob and no push pull and metal toggles and EL84's.
I can't find anything on these models online. They both came with the original owners manuals and there is no mention of a Lead MAster Volume knob in the owners manual.
There is this thread here which covers some of the historical stuff about these:

I had the 6L6 combo verison which I liked and used in the '90s. I came alive when plugged into a 4x12. The EL84 equipped heads are reasonably rare and started life being named the '.38 Special' which was changed before the official release:
I have a 1x12" non-EQ .50 Caliber combo with EL-84's. Playing mostly acoustic these days, but this amp I'll never lose, we got it together as a shared amp with my bandmate, who's passed away close to 10 years ago.

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