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For Sale Jump on it - mesa on the cheap

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For Sale

electric mayhem

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Jan 13, 2018
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Up for grabs at gc- Red Stripe III serial 21415, no pic yet, 4 tubes, GEQ, didn't ask about reverb. With their 10% promo it's $1350. **** cheap for a 4 tube red. I already have DRG red combo and all I ask is to keep an eye out for a cheap purple, especially a coli even if it needs works.


Feel free to use this thread for cheap gear postings. Everyone please keep in mind CL and sleazybay have fraudulent postings even tho mesa gear phishing isn't something I typically see on CL. Still, buyer beware.
Checked it out, listing is no longer active. Gone. If you find it buy it. If you hesitate it will be gone the next day. That is what happened when I was after the Electradyne, poof.
Exactly. That red stripe was not going to last long.

There are what someday will be considered crazy deals on ED's if you are interested, fairly often lately. $900 and sometimes under.

I see deals and figured I'd pass them on here. When I dig out of vet needs I'll start nabbing a few of them myself again. I feel strangled not buying speakers.
Most Mark III's are going for way over $2k at this point, $1350 is crazy good. I tried the promo code in another sale and it said "product not eligible" so I doubt the 15% off thing worked, but either way, that was a great deal someone just got. I paid $2k for my green-stripe last month, and the nearest Mark III I could find that was in similar shape was $2900, so yeah, wow.
I'm seeing some 60W III's, especially without EQ going around $1600 lately. A clean looking red stripe head listed locally to the Denver metro this morning for $1700.

If you're patient they'll come to you. Of course no green stripe is 60W so not that one but those bare 60W rodney dangerfield amps are extremely overlooked in "the search for the amp that holds the best resale value- DRG". I should say resale price since the 60W'ers are often better values and kick a$$.

I'm only posting things here I expect will be gone very fast. I'm kicking myself for the Cleveland auction recently- $800 for JP2C and recto 412. Yes you read that right. I could have paid someone to drive to Cleveland for that price. I would have dumped that JP in a heartbeat flip getting paid to take another recto cab you can never have enough of.
Somebody is going to be happy. Upgraded my 5:25 tubeset and mounted two AY7 and an AT in the phase shifter tube. Has become a way better clean platform. I will NEVER reli quish mine. Only took me 160€.

My tech mentioned board, internals, sockets and build quality looks remarkably the same as the Mark series II, III and IV he s come across.

These Expresses are US MESA quality at steal prices.
So even if rhis 5:50 might have never seen some tech love, giving it a sweet loving care refresh tube touch won t break the bank.

Buy it!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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