Searching for Mark V90 Chan.2 Master pot.

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Mar 3, 2024
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I'm planning to replace the master pot on channel 2 of my Mark V 90. The user manual states it is part number 593734 but Mesa does not seem to stock this. Anyone know if there is a cross reference, I can refer to? Thanks for your help.
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Have you checked the pot for any markings? It may have the type and value right on it.

If the pot is not physically damaged you can measure the total resistance across the outer lugs.

You can determine taper by measuring from wiper (center) lug to one of the outer lugs with the pot at halfway, if it’s half the resistance of the pot it’s a linear taper, if it more like 90% on one outer and 10% on the other it’s an audio/logarithmic taper. My money is on an audio taper pot.

If you can’t measure the pot call Mesa and ask them the pot’s value.

Then you can just buy a quality pot from another source like Mouser. Potentiometers

Thanks. Yes its definitely an audio taper pot. I have not even opened the amp up yet. Was just hoping someone knew another Mesa pot part number that would work, so I could just order it. I'll probably just pick one up from mouser or digikey. May have to do some digging in my parts bin too once I open it up.