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Finally registered today.

Shure UR4D wireless + UR1 beltpacks
Fractal Audio Axe-FX 2
Roland JC120H
Mesa Boogie Lonestar 2x12

Diezel VH4
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12
Voodoo lab GCP
Hi all

I recently added an original 2c+ to the arsenal and I am beyond words on how this all sounding. All running simultaneously and some sections in stereo. It's that good its a wonder I ever leave this room.... which sometimes I don't and if I do it's usually against my will.

I've put some detail in this thread with info on how to set it up with multiple heads using the axe fx (or any other midi unit that has multiple outputs) for anyone interested.

Now I just need to get a better desk that will fit it all :)
Been Lurking, thought I would post up my Christmas gift from Santa...JPIIC with a factory DRG IIC+

Not sure how to crop this pic down a bit but here's the new setup. I've had the Stiletto and 4x12 since 2009.
New MV 90W purchased last month. I split out stereo from a TC Nova Delay. Just getting used to how to balance the 2
out. Clean settings are working out the best so far. The Mark 5 is a beast, been messing with it for the last 4 weeks. Awesome amp-

New G-system Mesa Mark V 25 rack set up..
G-system is in the loop of Mesa Mark V 25, so i have 3 cable method set up.
Mesa Mark V 25 head is rackmounted via aluminum cell from Forsburg company.
This cell lets you rack-mount the Mesa Mark V 25 head without modification or removing it from its wooden frame!
The whole thing is powered by Furman Pl-Plus E Series II conditioner.
Signal flow:
Guitar-->Isp guit in-->Isp guit out-->Nova Drive in-->Nova Drive out-->Mesa guit in-->Mesa effects loop send
-->Isp dec in-->Isp dec out-->G system insert return--> G-system L output-->Mesa effect loop return.
G-system midi out-->Nova Drive midi in
G-system loop 1 button turns on/off distortion side of Nova Drive
G-system loop 2 button turns on/off overdrive side of Nova drive
G-system sw out 1-->Mesa ft sw
So, G-systems changes Mesa's channels via loop 3 button.
I also run a Boss FV-500H for volume purposes only..
The cabling is very short and the system stays completely silent even at extra high gain settings.
With this set up i bypass the front section of G-system so i can't take advantage of everything that sits there
such as the four analog loops and the filter/compressor section (compressor, wah, whammy etc.)
On the other hand, i don't have to worry about using TRS cables and special devices such as Morley Hum Eliminator,
Lehle Synday Driver etc..
If i want to go wireless i use Line 6 Relay G50.
For stereo set up i run a cable from G-system R output to another power amp/speaker..
I run the whole thing into either Mesa Boogie Thiele 112 or Recto 212 cabinets.
Sometimes i go into Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M (with mesa original impulse responses)
and then to mixing console for rehearsal or recording purposes.




So, I never posted it anywhere, but this is my Quad Preamp + Strategy 500 rack. Effects and boost pedals are provided by a Lexicon MPX G2. Everything on the back is meticolously wired using neutrik jacks and orchestrated by a rockman octopus.

The 500 pushes a pair of vertical 2x12 Seventy70 neodymium speakers (custom made by Luca Fanti, an Italian maker) in stereo configuration. While they may don't provide the most classical mesa sound, they IMO still sound amazing as they are very punchy and tight where needed. Also in my digital rigs I always end up using the IR I extracted from them, an couldn't get away without it.

I built this rig in 2006-7 when I was just a young Hammett fanboy. Then I stopped doing concerts and moved to an apartment, so I keep it stored as a relic while waiting for its moment to come again.. I would have completed it with a Masotti MXM parallel mixer and possibly a decent rack power supply. I'll try to provide samples as soon as I have the occasion to play again with it...

I'm aware it has way too much power (and weight) then I could possibly need, but when you're young you often overdo things, don't you? :). However I'm very proud of this rig and it's my most precious belonging, along with my guitars.

To fit my current needs (and building mania) I'm trying to build a mesa inspired amp in a head+cab format that I could bring to practice sessions without needing for a truck... I'll keep you updated about that :lol:
I actually have three rigs. Only one is percussive.

I am in the EL34 power tube addiction plan. I have tried many ways to stop. From playing bass to drums. I just cannot get enough of it. Sure, I can run my Dual Rectifiers (MWDR, Roadster) or curb some of my addiction with a JP2C or California Tweed. I still end up coming back for more EL34 tone.

I love the RA-100, have two of them but the Badlander-100 is the new poison to fuel my addiction even further. So it sort of helped me ween off of the RA a bit, now I am down to one but may slip and go back to running two again. Yeah, that is two Badlanders-100 and one RA-100 all going at the same time. The vertical 212s help with the room size and volume levels. There is enough room to run the three 412 cabs but was a bit too much.


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current gigging equipment
Spalwn Supersport EL34 50 watt (this is wha I've been gigging for the last 3 years)
Early transitional "B" mark IV
80's JCM 800 $x!2 with Sumback M75's on top J75's on bottom
Friedman 2X12 V30s' Peavey 6505MH (just a back up noodling toy that is quite surprising)
Not pictures is my Splawn 2X12 also loaded with that Scumback combo ( my main gigging cab)
Mesa rig.jpg
1998 Mesa DC-5 with mods/upgrades as clean channel
2022 JP2C run with 50w EVH Stealth together dirty with TC Electronic Mimic pedal sending slightly delayed signal to second amp.
Wet / Dry / Dry / Dry / Wet with 3 Cabinets...
I installed a pair of stereo jacks on the back of my Fillmore 2x12 cabs for what was initially supposed to be a Wet / Dry / Wet rig with two cabs. Last week I picked up the 4x10 cab for $140 on Craigslist. In addition to a pair of Jensen tens, someone had installed a pair of G12T75s in there, but did not cut the baffle board to do so, thankfully. Got a quad of Jensens in there now, initially for a Super Reverb vibe on clean tones. I liked what I heard when combining it with one of the Fillmore cabs and decided to finally build out the rig...

Fillmore 50 4Ω Speaker Out #1
> 4x10 Cab
Fillmore 50 4Ω Speaker Out #2
> Radial Cab-Link Parallel input
Cab-Link Speaker Out #1
> Right speaker in left Fillmore cab @8Ω
Cab-Link Speaker Out #2
> Cab Clone IR @8Ω
Cab Clone IR Speaker Out
> Left speaker in right Fillmore cab @8Ω
Cab Clone DI Out
> Universal Audio Starlight Delay
Starlight Out L
> Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 #1
> Left speaker in left Fillmore cab
Starlight Out R
> Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 #2
> Right speaker in right Fillmore cab

I'll be adding the Two-note C.A.B. M+ units to join the Cab Clone IR for direct out to my audio interface. I have a Radial Headbone head switcher that will make its way into the mix for studio stuff. I have a pair of RJM PBC 6/x units I'll use for front end and loop effects respectively as well as MIDI control. My 'new' live rig will be a W/D/W version of this rig using my Mark VII and a pair for Rectifier 4x12 cabs. LOVING the way setup this sounds. Since I'm using the Reverb on the amp, technically my dry paths are a mix, but that also acts as a kind of glue that pulls the whole thing together interestingly enough;)
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