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Mesa Heartbreaker 2x12 combo (100W)

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Sep 7, 2013
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Consolidating my gear, so with reluctance I am putting my Heartbreaker 2x12 100W combo up for sale. Comes with removable casters (but no cover). All original, nothing changed other than tubes (of course) and a couple of the smaller switches that broke were replaced by authorized Mesa repair in Jax, FL.

Heartbreaker is a very underrated model. It is amazingly flexible & powerful - pushing 100 Mesa watts through these Celestions is plenty for all but the largest gigs (large enough to need stacks). There are so many ways to set up your sound that you'll be having fun for a long time playing with the options.

Here's the Mesa page on this amp: http://www.mesaboogie.com/support/out-of-production/heartbreaker.html
Here's the Owner's Manual: http://www.mesaboogie.com/media/User Manuals/Heartbreaker.pdf

From Mesa:
The channels - Love and Lust, trace the two faces of rock-and-roll back to their amplified roots celebrating the stylistic yin and yang that was taking shape simultaneously on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Love embodies all the black-face magic of yesteryear and can be switched between three distinct regions of gain ranging from bubbly, chiming clean, up through medium gain blues - all the way to the liquid, singing voice of the fabled Mark I's lead channel... the world's first high gain performance.

The Lust channel flashes an enticing blend of harmonically lush sounds across two diverse modes that serve it up any style. From the saucy howl of a 4x10 Tweed to a teasing plexi purr - Lust toys with the fine line between clean and dirty with sinful sincerity. Both channels sport selectable voicing options as well as individual Reverb and Presence controls.
Asking $850 but will consider offers

Excellent condition, fully working, pictures coming soon. Willing to ship from Tallahassee, FL, you pay shipping (exactly what it costs me, nothing more).
Handle is a little raggedy looking so I ordered a new one from Mesa. Holding off on pix until it gets replaced.

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