Mark V 90 Combo Reverb Tank Connectors I/O

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Don McNevin

Feb 26, 2024
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I disassembled my chassis from the cabinet to send it in for repair and didn't mark the location of the reverb I/O coming off the chassis going to the reverb tank I/O.
It seems to matter as the reverb tank is labeled "IN" and "OUT" on either side but I don't see any markings on the chassis that indicate which connector is the input or output.
Can anybody tell me which of the green connectors from the bottom of the chassis are which so I don't hook up the reverb tank incorrectly?
Bump this one up as I'm sure someone has a Mark V 90 Combo they can take a quick look at, and tell me if the reverb tank IN cable goes to the back or front connector on the chassis, just to the right of the transformer on the far right side as you're looking at it from the back of the cabinet.
I just don't want to screw anything up as I've finally sent and received the amp back from MESA after about 5 years of it collecting dust.
It won't hurt anything if it's backwards, you won't get reverb. Hook it up one way, if there's no reverb , swap the cables.
It is easy to tell which connector is what. If the chassis is still out, you can see the connectors from the inside. The one with the ground tab connected is the return.

If you already have the chassis installed:
  • black coax cable connects to the one more to the front
  • white (single wire) connects to the jack closer rear, next to the transformer.

If you get it backwards, the reverb will not sound very good, may even squeal on you. It will not damage anything (assumed). The pickup transducer in the tank does not take kindly to being driven by the reverb driver circuit. The driver transducer does not work well as a pickup either. Also connecting them backwards disconnects the ground circuit as that is in the Black cable. Not sure if the RCA jack on the tank is grounded on the input side since the white wire does not have a ground or shield.
Thank you!
This is very helpful. Especially since I had the chassis mounted already.
Luckily there is still just enough room to plug the connectors in even with the chassis mounted. Everything sounds great now.

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