Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

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Nope. Speaker and amp simulation are different things.

Amp amplifies small signals to big signals and speaker converts electrical signals to sound waves 😁
It all gets quite confusing but what I have found is if you turn Amp simulators off then Speaker simulators are also off, but not the other way round
I'll assume the dummy plug is suggested so there is no input signal into the preamp when bypassed.
Yes thats correct.
I'm very happy with the Gt1000 and all factory tones needed to be tweaked for my guitar. You have to work that device and the amp. I tried already made patches and had to tweak them also. Move around effects. I have set the 1000 up with the Lonestar and have made patches with the 50/50 stereo setup. Both work very well.
In rehearsals, different bands.... I just plug into the front of a Fender amp, had to tweak the 1000 amp gain to remove some hissing. Did not want to change the settings to much, just enough to make a good tone. I'm impressed with the control of the device. I'm sure a Helix would be the same and or a pricey FractalAudio device.
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Yes great piece.
I find always have to tweak amps settings, distortion settings, setup equalizer and echo's noise gate levels, just about everything. Guitar signal and can't even remember all the other settings and levels. Kept searching YouTubes and documents until I found what I needed. Hours and hours of tweaking to get it right.
Now the darn hard stuff, turning on a couple patches with one switch and so on.
The switch mapping is tough for me right now.
But this has made addition of effects in right place outstanding.
I don't like the small space between switches (big foot hit 2 switches sometimes?), and am having trouble mapping the FC switches struggling sometimes work and sometimes do not work because of my confusion to the path mapping. I left off there and have to continue the mapping sometime.
So early on in my 4CM GT-100 learning curve journey I was relying on YT vids and forums. This got me going initially, but what was the most worthwhile was purchasing a few patch sets from Glenn DeLaune

Boss GT patches

Just forked for the 4CM and the standard patch sets which were really cost effective and worth every penny cause outlined different ways of approaching the signal chain. Learned alot from them.
I got custom patch sets from tonegarageUK and had some real good emails with him.
This was what it took for me to start tweaking the device for guitar and amp, pretty much opened the whole idea up to what has to get done to get tone I wanted.
It was easier back in the years. Now these pedals are so much more packed with options.

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