Triple Rectifier multi-watt settings?

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Oct 28, 2023
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Howdy all, I've known about rectifiers for years and has kinda been a 'holy grail' amp for me despite being mainly a bassist. I finally got my hands on a triple rect. after months of backorder and I was just wondering what kind of settings do y'all use? I'm using it by itself, or just with a TS808. I'm not real pedal heavy.

I'm interested in various tones - and if you could provide what it's kind of similar to?

Very curious what kind of sounds this amp can put out.

Welcome to the forum.

For dirty tones start with the bass, mids, and treble at noon, gain around 1-2:00, presence at 10:00 and master to taste. Tweak from there depending on your tastes. Once you have a tone you like, set the TS808 with the gain low and the level high and throw it in front as a boost. Tweak the amp again to work better with the boosted signal.

The treble control is the most important control in the orange and red channels. More treble equals more perceived gain, and reduces the effect of the bass and mid controls as it’s turned up. The presence control will make the amp tighter as it’s turned up, making the ‘thump’ of the low end more refined and the top end, well, more present.

The manual has great sample settings to try as well.

The EQ controls are interactive, as you adjust one, the effect of the others will change, with the treble being the most predominant influencer.

The Dual Rectifier dominated heavy guitar from the mid 1990’s on, not just live but in the studio as well. It’s a very versatile amp, used across many styles of music.

Have a read here for lists of many of the past and present players of the Dual & Triple Rectifier:
I found the Multi-watt Dual rec was easier to dial in, compared to the Roadster. I believe the tone controls work differently but in short, they are very similar. Perhaps it was due to familiarity with the Roadster that helped. I would start with the recommended settings in the manual just for a reference point. What settings I may prefer with the MWDR may not be to your liking. I sort of got hooked by the spongy power mode with the tube tracking as that brings out some nice harmonic characteristics I found difficult to get with the Roadster.

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