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Hi All,
Hope you don't mind me tagging on to the end of this thread. I'm a new Boogie owner; so new the DC-3 hasn't even been despatched yet ... h o w . . . s l o w . . . c a n . . . t i m e . . . g o o o o o ?

Anyhoo ...
I will be putting the following guitars through their paces,
* '77 black maple Strat with trem
* '64 Jaguar
* tatty Gibson L6S
* Graphite 10 string Grand Chapman stick
* '58 Telecaster (AWESOME Blues tone - bought the DC just to find out how these two will work together! I have a detached house heh heh heh)

Can I have a DC Cartel number? I like the idea.
Good to meet you all :)

I own an F-100 that I've had for about 6 months or so and just picked up a DC-2 last week. I'm still tweaking the DC-2, but so far I'm very happy with it.
My wife surprised me with a DC-5 combo for our anniversary a week ago. She picked out a good one too. Freshly retubed, wheat grille cloth, all inspection/repair receipts from Mesa Hollywood, both original footswitches, Boogie amp cover and manual included.

Fired it up today with my LP. I don't think I will need another amp. Ever.
Hey folks. Here's my story. I joined this group a bunch of years back when my Mark IV was my baby. Well, I had real live pooping & crying kids which replaced her. I couldn't ever jam with her because she was so loud. So, I sold her a few years ago because she was just too much for our apartment. Well, flash forward a few years and my kids are older, I have a house, a mid life crisis garage band & I want to start jamming again. I seriously want a MKV but they are a bit too $$ for now. So I picked up Bugera v22 and it was nice but I felt cheap and dishonest to MB. A few days later as I was perusing the interwebs I saw a DC-5 for a good price. I did some research and was surprised by the tone and less complicated design. felt like this was my way to get back into the MB family until I can convince my wife I need the MKV. So, I returned the v22, and scooped up the DC5.

The world is ok now that I'm back with Mesa. She sounds sweet and needs some TLC but there's something to be said about MB build quality. It's undeniable.


I loved the DC-5 demoes and its live sound so much I traded for a REV A head.
With either a 1x12 EV or a 2x12 V30 setup it truly Smokes.
Way more flexible than many of my other amps and yet bridges the Mesa tones nicely with a Bit of Mark and Recto as well as Maverick.
Truly a Great amp among Greats.
My only wish is too stumble across a DC10 but I'm quite content.

Hi all. Just bought my first Mesa after playing pretty much everything else for 24 years. It is a .50 Caliber. Seller says it is from 1985 but, then again, he also swore up and down it was a single channel amp. That's right, he owned it two years and NEVER heard the lead channel. It is in really excellent condition and has the sound I've been looking for.

image by purpleexodus5, on Flickr
Hello everyone.

Since January I'm an happy Mesa DC user. Mine is a DC-3 rare imbuya hardwood. N° DC3-043xx it's from the end of 1998 or the begining of 1999. Rev B with a Celestion CV30.

I have just all retubed : 12AX7 Electro-Harmonix in V1, V2, V3, V4, 12AT7 Electro-Harmonix in V5 & V6. 4 JJ EL844 into the power amp. The sound is awesome. Warm, dynamic and really alive. I was not still able to try it in a certain just volume, only at home at bedroom volume but this weekend I'll make rehearsal where I'll be able to increase the volume to appreciate completely the sound quality of this little baby.

Here's some pics :



Hi everybody
I'm from Italy and last month I bought this DC3 (serial number 01813, probably 1996)
Previously I had a Nomad 55 (but i hate it and I sold it only after three months)
a Caliber 50+ (stolen after a gig) that I used for one year
and a Mark III lent to a friend (that I used for a couple of years)
first of all there was a Fender Twin Amp
I love Mesa sound.
Can I join the Club?
and, can someone tell me something about the speaker?
It is the original?
many thanks
dodger916 said:
It's an Eminence VS-12 installed in plenty of Mesa amps from that era. I run my DC-3 head through an Eminence MS-12 (150 watt speaker Mesa installed in Mark series amps) and love it.

Good luck with the amp. I love mine, especially the rhythm channel.

thank you very much for the informations
I also love the rhythm channel (it reminds me a Fender) and with a touch of gain it sounds very good
and I find good settings also for the Lead channel (little gain and Master at 7 or 8)
I'm very satisfied
I had a friend who was looking to get rid of a DC-3. I had been gigging with a MkIV, which dragged me down my basement stairs at about 3am after a gig. Enough of that monster, I loved the way it sounded and it was sooo flexible I could get whatever I wanted out of it from most any guitar. But when an amp attacks the owner its gotta go. So I tried out my friend's DC-3, it sounded a lot like the MkIV, just like the MkIV I could get whatever tone I needed. Of course being a Mesa, it has plenty of LOUD.

So I was able to unload the MkIV pretty quick for more than I paid for this…

The ext cab makes this rig sound special. Nice n thick especially if you place them a few feet apart. It's also been played thru a Mesa Blue Angel 4x10 and a Matchless 2x10. Very flexible amp. Footswitchable 2 channels plus foot switchable EQ kinda turns it into a 4 channel.

But hey, I'm preaching to the choir now. Please count me in to the DC-3 Club.
On Friday I bought a DC-3 and Thiele cab for under $400! They were cheap because the amp is in need of repair- it had no reverb, the reverb controls acted as gain controls, it was feeding back and making funny noises, the 80hz slider does nothing and the lead channel hisses loudly when you crank the gain.
Otherwise, the amp sounded great :lol:

I pulled up the manual and schematic and flipped the amp over to change the reverb driver/return tube and realized that the reverb cables had been reversed! I swapped them and the reverb is fine. It also solved the feedback and funny noises.

I feel kinda guilty. If I had known that was all that was wrong with the reverb I would've swapped the cables and been on my way.

In any case, there are still the other two issues to deal with.

With the Thiele cab it has a sweet clean sound and a HUGE lead sound! I didn't plan to keep the amp. I wanted the Thiele cab to use with my Studio .22+ but this is a better sounding, more versatile and easier to use amp than the Studio.

It's also heavier which might be a deal breaker for me- I have back and wrist issues.
Am I the only one who's Cartel logo is missing? :cry:

EDIT: Many many thanks for sending me the new logo!
Some time ago i posted in this topic my first "road worned" DC-5 which eventually i sold it to a friend of mine while at the same time i replaced it with a new one in mint condition.
But...last week i received a long time "searching"...a DC-10 head also in mint condition... the DC family
:D :D :D

DC-3 owner here. Since 2011. I originally purchased this as backup for my Black Pearl 30.
About 6 months ago I finally sold the BP as it was replaced by my DC-3.

Recently I thought my amp had a cap that was slowly dying. Come to find out a wire soldered to the input jack was shorting out against the chassis. So it's all good again!

Still works mug out how to PM from my phone.

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