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Hello people!

Cheers from colombia! Looks like this post is a little old but still I'd like to contribute.

I'm a proud owner of a boogie 3ch 3Recto and what it seems to be a rev E. The board says "Mesa 3rec e" big logo, and serial is R-0317##

Let me know what deets u need and I'd post here, if this thread is still alive, I'd love to know more about this amp
Here is the information contribution thread that was originally started for this guide.
R.I.P. silverwulf updates. Was super excited, I even made some coffee to sit down and read for a few hours only to find out it hasn't been up dated in 4 years. :cry:
Recently aquired triple rec non multiwatt 2006. R-04571× rev E I believe but not confirmed. Mint cond. Tight bass non fizzy. Godzilla coming thru tokyo bay...

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