Petrucci's Rectifier Settings?

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Elpelotero said:
I think he is using the Road Kings there. I detect an EL34 recto flavor. It's either that or the Mark4's, which are also dark amps.

It is a Roadking, I'm just wondering which channel it is.
In the Petrucci video at the mesa boogie web site, at the end of the rig video, he pulls out this drawer full of effects, some of them being overdrive pedals. That has got to effect the tone alot. He is not just running straight into the front end of these amps. So you will not get the same tone or overdrive unless you know which overdrive pedal he is using at at what settings.
Same thing for Tremonti. He used an overdrive pedal in front of his boogies.
JP mainly uses his OD pedals for lead boosts. His rhythms are mainly just the amp with some fx added.

In his RK days with DT, he mainly used ch 3 set to Vintage for lead sounds (sometimes boosted with pedals) and ch 4 set to either Vintage or Modern for his crunch (sounds like the Modern mode to me). I´ve seen some pics where he used the vintage mode on ch 4, but most seem to be from clinics, not DT gigs.
Live, he didn´t really use ch 1 and 2, he used Lone Stars for cleaner sounds. He also used 4 6L6 with tube rectification for all sounds live.

When recording TOT he sometimes used the 2 EL34/4 6L6 setting for some very aggressive sounds. The RK was the only amp used on that album.

His current rig consists of 2 Mark IV heads and one LS head.
The Mark IV´s are used for both clean, rhythm and lead. He only uses the rhy 1 and lead modes. His main rhythm sound is just the Mark IV lead ch with a pretty scooped setting on the eq. He uses OD pedals to boost the lead mode for his lead sounds. Rhy 1 is used for a tight, percussive super clean sound. The LS is used for his main clean sound, which is warmer than the Mark IV clean, and sometimes for "cleaner" sounding leads.

He has his Mark IV´s set to Simul-Class, Pentode, Harmonics and Full power, with the lead drive and presence knobs pushed in. He also uses 2 6L6/2 EL34 in his Mark IV heads.
kmanick said:
So when is John using Rectos and when is he using Mark IV's?
I have TOT, Sytematic Chaos, Six Dgrees and his solo album(Suspended Animation) and it all sounds pretty much like the same rig to me. :?:
I didn't know Rectos and Mark IV's sounded so similar?

The recto is usually the more aggressive stuff. slighty grainier tone. The IV is nicer, a bit smoother.
Amps used on DT albums (probably not a complete list):

WDADU - solid state Randall amps
I&W - Quad/295 or Triaxis/2:90, JC-120, 50w Marshall
Awake - Mark IIC+, Dual recto, Triaxis/2:90, Blue Angel
ACOS - Mark IIC+, Dual recto, Triaxis/2:90
FII - IIC+, IIB, IIC, Tremoverb, Triaxis/2:90 etc (a lot of stuff)
SFAM - IIC+, Dual recto, Mark IV, Formula preamp
6 degrees- Dual recto (on Glass Prison mostly), IIC+ (main amp)
TOT - Roadking
8va - Roadking, Lonestar, Mark IV? (at least according to one JP interview)
SC - Mark IV, Lonestar, IIC+ (used as poweramp on some songs), Triple recto? (seen on the making of), RK? (JP mentioned that he used the amp on this album in an interview).

Other JP albums:

LTE 1 -Triaxis/2:90
LTE 2 - Mark IV, Formula preamp? (may have been used for clean stuff)
SA - Roadking (on most of the album), Mark IIC+

Live amps:
I&W tour - Triaxis/2:90 (2 of each).
Awake tour - Triaxis/2:90 (2 of each), Mark IIC+.
FII tour - Triaxis, Mark IIC+, Mark IV, two dual rectos (used as fx poweramps), two 2:90 poweramps.
SFAM tour - Triaxis, Formula, IIC+, IV, dual recto, two 2:90 pa.
6 Degrees tour - three IIC+ (one for clean sounds and two for poweramps) Custom made ("Nunya") 2 ch IIC+ preamp for distortion sounds.
TOT tour - Three Roadkings (two run in stereo and one backup), two Lonestars run in stereo.
8VA tour - Same as above, except for the last leg of the tour: Custom made "Nunya" preamp, Formula preamp, 2:100 (recto) poweramp
SC tour - two Mark IV run in stereo, one Lonestar (probably) run in stereo through the Mark IV poweramps.

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