New OEM Rackmount Kit for Mark IIC++

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Mar 13, 2023
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Porto, Portugal
My dear friend Tiago got himself another fine "treat": a IIC++. This particular one may not be a stranger for some of's some clips of it that are still online at 33 Workshop channel:

Well, this amp came with an original rackmount kit but to be fair, it has seen some better days. So I've decided to make him a new one and, as usual, I always try to improve things if possible and, once again, as it had happened with the Studio and Quad preamps rack ears, I manage to make it with a thicker 2mm sheet metal steel which is a major improvement in terms of overall rigidity and stability - please take in mind the transformer this amp has is just insanely HEAVY - a true monster!

But I've gone a little further: since the Reverb on this amp was "bypassed" in order to accommodate the ++ mod, I've added a tube protective bar on the back which provides by itself even more overall stability to the kit.

As you may see on images, there are two brackets to me mounted on the back instead of the tube protector to mount the Reverb tank.

Tiago has them all, so I can assure it fits the Mark II, III and IV. Perhaps the VII, but no way to prove it - yet.

I'm happy with the final result and so is he!






That's a really nice piece of work. Is the tube bar removable? I know you said you were using it for rigidity...
This is the second and final iteration of the Rackmount Kit for 17" Mesa Mark series amps (the only version not tested yet is the VII, but I'm pretty confident it will fit too as well).

All measures are as accurate as it can possibly be as you may see on images.

The only difference is the back panel support: the original is made from an architectural 6063 Aluminum U-Channel (1/8" Wall Thickness, 1/2" High x 1-1/2" Wide) but since this channel is not available in EU, it was replaced with a 2mm thick sheet metal, U shaped and with same dimensions.

The first one has a textured powder coating and this final one, in order to be as accurate as possible, has a flat powder coating instead. But you may order it in any texture you like.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT WANT, by any means take any commercial advantage or harm Mesa/Boogie. This project only exists because MESA, at some point, for multiple reasons - some of them yet to be revealed - focused its business domestically and became unavailable elsewhere for a still, uncertain amount of time. But life goes on and the owners of MESA gear need products and assistance - at least, my big pal did. And since I was able to do it, I did.

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Finally...the new batch of OEM rackmount kits for Mark Series amps are ready to be shipped. 10 units. It is sipped with ALL hardware: screws, nuts, washers and brackets (for fan mounting). Although the assembly is very intuitive, a instruction PDF file is also provided.

More info, please DM or email to [email protected]. Thank you!

rackmount v2_01.jpg
rackmount v2_02.jpg
rackmount v2_03.jpg
rackmount v2_04.jpg
rackmount v2_05.jpg
rackmount v2_06.jpg
rackmount v2_07.jpg
rackmount v2_08.jpg
rackmount v2_09.jpg
rackmount v2_10.jpg

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