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C.C Jackson

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Mar 3, 2024
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Hello to all my fellow Boogiers. I've owned a Mesa Mark V 25 for almost a year now. I sold a vintage 1960's Blackface Vibrolux to purchase it and a Blackstar 2x12 cab and haven't had one minute of regret since I played that first A chord. My only issue is with the speaker cabinet I bought and I'm looking for recommendations from other Mesa owners on a closed back 2x12 cabinet that could serve my needs a little better. I play a variety of music, country, blues rock, 70's and 80's hard rock so versatility is key. I run a few amp in a box style od pedals to get tones that are as close to the artists I cover as possible, most notably a Tsakalis Room #40 for Marshally stuff and a Wampler Ecstasy for a Dumblesque tone. I have 3 guitars, a Fender Phat Strat, a Gibson Les Paul and an EVH Wolfgang.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Welcome to the forum!

It might not be the cabinet as much as the speakers in the cabinet. Which model Blackstar cabinet do you have? Do you know what speakers are inside the cab?

When I had mine, I had the mini slant cab, but put an EM12 Legend in it. My 2/12 also had the EM12's in it too. They were better for my use than the 30's or shadow 90's. More transparent. I still gig with the EM12's in all my cabs.
I have a Tsakalis Room #40 as well. Great pedal. I actually think the crunch setting on the Mark V with the gain and other controls set a certain way gives you a similar tone. I don't suck out all the mids on that channel, actually run it slightly in the boost mode and then dial it back ont he EQ, but not all the way down. I did run the Tsakalis through the return of the FX loop once, that was cool but weird. The master volume didn't work on the amp, all the volume came from the pedal. I have the V:25 combo but since it is small enough, I plan on getting an external cabinet for it at some point.

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