Mark V “Volume 1” and IIC++ mod

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Aug 16, 2021
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I’m not sure if anyone has done this as I haven’t seen it before, but after years of owning the Mark V I decided to add a “volume 1” to channel 3 of the Mark V in place of the solo volume (the solo function is still usable, but it is at a fixed boost amount now). It has the push pull bright function on as well as opposed to the Mark Vs factory fixed volume at 7-3/4 with hardwired bright cap. I’ve removed and changed values of a few other components in the circuit to make it more true to the original mark IIC+ (technically a IIC++ when switch to Mark IV mode). The only thing that isn’t exact is the negative feedback section which is a bit too complicated in the Mark V to make changes too. I’ve never heard of anybody attempting this (I’m a little insane for doing this, I know) but I’d love to hear any other mods anyone has attempted!

I have never played a real IIC++ but I can say for certain that the amp is a lot more satisfying to play now. More gain on tap in the Mark IV mode but the added volume 1 gives an even wider range of control.
Well… after having owned Mark III, Mark V and Studio preamp I’m very satisfied with the pre set volume 1 in Mark V 😁 one knob less to mess with…

But I understand the appeal to introduce all the missing functions from II to make the channel even more versatile. Usually I got option paralysis with III/studio preamp with bass shift/deep/mid shift/bright switches.

Yet good stuff figuring out these 😁
I had my concerns about losing a volume control in the Mark V as compared to a traditional Mark II/III setup, but actually using it, I've had no cause to pay any mind to those concerns. I've got about the same gain and tonal ranges that I do with my Mark III blue stripe and it actually can do a really good job of replicating my Mark IIB as well. Although, actually the Mark III does have a little bit more available gain. It actually will reach the point of ultimate note crush, where an undistorted note isn't even POSSIBLE with the guitar volume barely cracked.
I was very seriously considering trying to source a concentric pot which could replace the gain knob with 2 concentric knobs (like on the EVH 5150 III 50w amps) to act as Volume 1 and Lead Drive. Unfortuantely my amp was still under warranty so I held off, then sold it. And now the used price has doubled so I'm not sure when I'll get the chance next.
Can you give more technical info about the Mod? I'm interested.

EVen in pvt if you want
I added Volume 1 of CH3 as well as Arossi52.
I changed the SOLO on the panel to Volume 1 and ported C18 to the MUTE switch.
I used the one on the panel because both SOLO and MUTE are done with footswitches.

More gain on tap in the Mark IV mode but the added volume 1 gives an even wider range of control.


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