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Apr 11, 2024
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I am looking into embarking on a journey to build my own amp head.

I have 7 Mesa Boogie 12AX7 preamp tubes. Every kit I've seen online comes with tubes.

Is there a kit that is electronics only? (naturally I would get the power tubes separately, unless a kit came with just power tubes).

Also wondered if anyone knows of a kit amp that would approximate good Mesa tone.

Ceriatone has a lot of options - nothing exactly Mesa, but a ton of awesome options. I just put in an order for a 100 watt King Kong with headshell but no tubes. They'll wire it all up for you if you want, or you can order a kit and assemble yourself.

This is where you can order from if you're in the USA:
This is there official website:
Find the kit you like and contact the seller if the kit can be purchased without tubes at a discounted price.
I second the ceriatone kits. They have a wide selection and can be purchased without tubes. A JCM 800 is a great option for a first build and can be modded in near limitless ways.
Ceriatone doesn't sell kits anymore.


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You can get the kits from Shipping is not bad either. I've ordered a few kits directly from Nik.

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