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Feb 24, 2007
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Columbus, Ohio
I am a bona fide Wah O Holic. Not like Kirk Hammett where I can't play a solo without one rather, I own six and still find myself eyeballing other wah's! It started with a standard Crybaby modded to true bypass, LED, new inductor, caps, lower gain transistors, and every other mod known to Crybaby/Vox wah's. I bought a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe and I fiddled with it constantly but never found a sound I liked and sold it. I then bought a Vox Clyde McCoy reissue (modded to true bypass and a Chasetone pot), built a 67 Vox clone (Wilson Effect inductor and pot, low gain transistors, and tropical fish caps), Real Mccoy Custom Picture wah, Fulltone Clyde Standard (love it compared to the deluxe), and my personal favorite; a 1977 Thomas Organ Crybaby bone stock with TDK inductor.

Obviously, I lean early VOX but what are you guys using? I recently picked up a Series 2 Rectoverb and have only used the RMC but it feels like it needs something with more growl to it.