Jensen Blackbird 100 in a Mark VII combo?

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I have used on in a Mark V90 Combo, actually that is in there now. It will fit as a rear baffle mount. You may have to remove the bell cover on the speaker if there is no room to get the back of the cab in place. The magnet is big but not as large as the oversized bell cover. Mesa did this with the California Tweed when they first came out. They used the 100W Blackbird without the bell cover. I have taken the speaker out a few times, tried it in a 112 wide body cab, bell cover had to come off with that. Was a perfect fit for the TC50.

Just be ready for a long break-in time. It took me 3 months to break one in using the Mark V90 combo. It will do some weird things with distortion but it if you run it on clean or fat clean, perhaps even IIB for a while it will relax. It will be a dark tone for a bit of that time. When the treble starts to improve the speaker is getting close for hard gain. Just be patient with it and it will sound good.


This is the California tweed with the same speakers. No bell covers.

I actually tried the California tweed cab with the Mark VII head. Not bad sound. A little warmer toned than the V212 cab I had in the room. Pushed the output on CH3 in mark IV mode up to 11am. No issues to report. However, I would probably find a way to shoehorn in an EVM12L speaker instead. I had replaced the MC90 with one in the open back WB112 cab. Not a good fit for the combo though, you would need to front baffle mount the EV, more so because the load resistors are at the front of the chassis and external and that may be an interesting fit for sure. Not to mention the grill frame may not support front baffle mounted speaker. It was tricky enough to do that with the Mark V90 and Mark IVB I had before that.

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