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May 6, 2024
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Hi. New guy here. I’ve got an Express 5:25+ which I’ve had for 9 years. Just use it at the 5 watt level for at home.

I have given some thought to selling it so that I can have a smaller amp as this one’s potential is going untapped!
I have an express that I picked up used in 2015 to be my "smaller amp." I take it to rehearsals, play it lo volume at home to practice, use it to record, etc. Funny thing about it is that it sounds so good wherever I use it, I started using it for gigs micing it with a 57 into the PA in place of my lonestar special. It sounds like a big amp just about anywhere I use it. I swapped out the v30 for a celestion neo vintage, so I have a 32 lb amp that's easy to move around and fills the bill. A small amp usually sounds small, but the express doesn't ever sound small, even at low volume. I'd say you've got the amp you need. I'd hold on to it--they're not making any more of them.

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