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For Sale Mesa Boogie Mark III Simul Class SN 25519 for Sale $4000 (OBO)

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For Sale
Jul 3, 2024
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(Addendum: Thank you members for suggestions and advice on this amp. I did check Reverb sold listings and there were three of the same amps as mine, same finish etc. They sold for 3000, 3277, and 4000. Mine is much nicer than all three of these by far and has all original paperwork and leather cover. I believe I'll wait until someone is interested in this particular amp and will negotiate at that point. Sometimes it's easier to not have too nice gear. ;-) Cheers.)

Purchased from original owner. Includes all original paperwork, leather case, original warranty, original foot switches. This amp looks as though it came out of time capsule.

It has added coasters for easier movement, otherwise completely original.

Excellent condition.

Green Stripe (1989)

The final revision was the "Green Stripe" Mark III, which was only available in a Simul-Class format. It was identical to the Blue Stripe, apart from having its overall gain reduced, except for the wiring of the outer two Class A power amp tubes which were switched to Pentode operation instead of Triode for a 10w RMS increase over previous Simul-Class amplifiers (15w/75w) making 25w/85w.

Personal note: I’ve owned the original Mark I Boogie and many other Boogies over the years. This amp is absolutely amazing. It can sound just at good and full at extremely quiet bedroom levels as it does at stage volumes.

I am a big fan of Boogie lead tones, and this amp has an absolutely classic creamy Boogie lead tone, but it also has the most sparkling beautiful clean tone imaginable.

I realize I’m asking a big more than the average sale price for a Mark III, but this amp is not average. It has all the original paperwork, leather cover, foot switches, and is in really excellent condition.

I have more photos of all the original paperwork, but I could only upload ten.


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