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Dec 19, 2019
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I have recently come across a hidden gem when working with my Mark V 90 watt amp. I have been using it as part of a three amp setup for a little while now and it has been serving as a power amp. I have a Triaxis pre run into a G Force effects processor and then run back to the Triaxis and out to a power amp setup that includes a Mark V 90 watt running a Marshall 4x12 1960A cab and a TSL100 running a 4X12 MArshall 1960B for stereo sound. While using the setup this way I started to experiment with what could be done in the power section to enhance the tone...There is the obvious presence on both the TSL and V...the TSL also has the deep switch that adds more bass and except for half power mode that is all. The Mark V has the triode mode which I dont really care for and one other feature most probably dont think about...Channel three extreme mode takes away negative feedback from the power section and this holds even when using another amps pre...GLORIOUS!!! (put the amp on Red channel and turn to extreme mode when using the amp as a power amp and you get no negative feedback) Paired with the TSL's deep switch you get aone banging tone...but it went a little further...I was reading up on slaving the maps the other day and had ruled it out because I would lose my glorious stereo sound (Having to run the Triaxis to the G Force and then back to the Triaxis and out to only the Mark V and the slave line then goes to the TSL.). Well I ruled it out and then tried it anyways and WELL @#$% ME RUNNING THIS KICKED SO MUCH ***!!!!! (I still have effects just not stereo...worth it this time) The Mark power section with the negative feedback off gave the Triaxis such a kick in the teeth I have NEVER heard it sound better (MArk 2c+ has become my favorite channel took on a life it has not had)...this is one you must try if you can(I have tried to get a Stereo 290 for the triaxis but they are JUST NOT REASONABLE right I was missing the three modes (Modern, Vintage, and I forget)...I think this might just KICK THEIR ***..let me know if anyone else tries it and loves it! Peace

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