Mark II/IIC+ PCB and modern channel switching

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Jun 9, 2024
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Hello everyone :)
I'm new to the forum and I'd love to get your expert advice on the following. I own a small startup that produces PCB for several types of amps (
After receiving several requests, I've decided to embark in a PCB for Mesas, particularly the II/IIC+: I've designed already 90% of it, with the idea of having all the functions in a single heavy duty board (preamp, power section, eq, reverb, etc.). However, I'd love to use a relay based channel switching instead of the LDRs. Has anyone done this before? Are there any readymade schematic?
I have done something very similar for my SLO style PCB, offering both a LDR and relay version. The idea is to have something along these lines
Cheers from London,


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