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May 29, 2007
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"F1 Trilogy" is a 3-song journey with Formula One racing; Starting with "Bullet Train to Monaco", a fan catches a fast ride towards the coast for one of the biggest races of the season; next is "Silverstone", the british Grand Prix. Last but most, is the celebration of the season's best driver, "Open Wheel Champion". All of these are inspired, melodic rock instrumentals.

song synposis:
"Bullet Train to Monaco"
I imagine myself in Paris, and decide to go see the big Monaco Grand Prix.
i get a ticket for boarding the bullet train in paris, to cruise all the way to Nice Ville, grabbing a quick bus to Monaco.
The ride on the bullet train was intense, speeding along, going thru tunnels, making stops, starting back up, all the while i'm getting antsy and jacked up thinking about the race. finally, the train gets to the final station, and i'm ready to finish the trip.

The British Grand Prix. it's a big race, and everybody is racing with the utmost intensity.
Carlos Sainz, driving for Ferrari, won last years british grand prix, and it was his first victory in Formula One.
A multi-car crash occurred on the opening lap, in which Zhou Guanyu's car flipped over the tyre wall marking the circuit boundaries.
to say it was intense, would be an understatement.
the song tries to capture the vibe of the race.

"Open Wheel Champion"
this, is an anthem!
the third song in the trilogy, this is the song about the BIG celebration of the F1 Season Champion, from any team, any year.
pretty much, a measure of bravery and skill.
Last year, it was Max Verstappen, with Red Bull.

a lifelong boogie user, i am,
but this group of songs were all recorded using a Strymon Iridium direct.

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