CabClone/Powerhouse... how are they?

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Apr 8, 2024
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Beaverton, OR
Hi. Looking for the best way to silently record my Mark V:90. I've made IRs of my speakers, running in the TwoNotes Wall of Sound plugin in the DAW. Looking for the best way to get the amp's signal to the IRs that will sound the most like the real speakers. Running the FX send to the IRs actually sounds pretty close, but lacks a certain sharpness/definition and midrange presence/clarity. So I thought a reactive load would get me closer... got the Suhr RL and it's really scooped and bass-heavy...
How are the Mesa/Boogie load boxes (Powerhouse, CabClone)? I'm wary of the Powerhouse because it doesn't have a balanced output, and I have serious noise issues, especially with guitar gear connected to the interface/PC.
I don't need the built-in IRs (CabClone), but it has an XLR "DI output" and 1/4" unbalanced "dry line output". Is it possible to bypass the IRs on the XLR output and use it for sending the dry signal to the DAW/IR plugin? Or is the 1/4" the only dry output option?
Has anyone compared either of these to the Suhr RL? Is there any significant difference in the sound? Worth the almost twice as much price (since I don't really need the attenuator or built-in IR options)?
Thanks for any insight.

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