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Mar 21, 2021
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Hello new member need help with studio 22+ switching
Mate asked me to have a look at his 22+ problem with the switching circuit . Clean channel working fine with no footswitch , plug the foot switch in , lead mode works , clean mode really bad as in weird noise hardly any guitar signal . Im no tech but ive made a lot of guitar amps over the years but all single channel so no switching experience , anyway pulled the chassis and had a bit of a poke around , and managed to get the clean channel working . Then i noticed that the lead master volume was affecting the clean channel volume . Checked out the schematic located LDR 4 and it had been repaired with a couple of transisters .So i thought ok there lies the problem did some research ordered a VTL5C1 put it in and now when in lead mode its on full as in the ldr is not working . All the voltages seem right at c9 , although a little under the 8 and 3 volts specified and the other LDRs are working . Is this the correct LDR or could there be another problem

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