Another Recto Horizontal 2x12 Speaker Change?

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Oct 8, 2018
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Well I'm thinking about it. :) Long story... short... I revamped the Recto cab with a v30/Scumback M-75 to go better with the Stiletto Ace. This setup works really well. Was going to move the Ace to a headshell but have since bagged those plans. Instead will move the M-75 and the chassis back to the Ace Combo.

In the meantime I'm looking to use the Recto cab with the Mark v:90 for live work. That cab is a nice size and logistically easy to move around. Never liked the original dual v30s with the V... just too much midrange hump. Have run the current v30/Scumback M-75 pairing with the V for the last few sessions and while it's really nice for the brighter voiced Stiletto, it is way too midrangy for the V. Yea the M-75 is a main contributor but find overall that cab has less bottom end then my WB 1x12 with either a MC-90 or a Heritage G12-65 in it. The V does pretty well with the G12-65.

So descending down the speaker/cab rabbit hole once again I'm fishing for suggestions that would benefit the V and that cab. Something with more bottom end, a bit scooped and with some top end sparkle. With a spare MC-90 laying around, will probably try that first with the v30 ala the Road King approach. But I bet there are other ideas.
Following. I have a M-75 and a G12-65 sitting in boxes waiting for my wicker replacement grills for my Mark V and matching 2x12 vertical recto cab. When I get my grills I was just going to pull both v30s out to replace with these and compare with my other 2x12 vertical recto cab. Might slide in a v30 to pair with either speaker to see what sounds best and different from the factory config.
V30+Redback? The G12H-150 is really wonderful by my lights, and people rave about the combination with the V30. I tried the V30 and 12L together and liked the that. 12L+Redback is my personal favorite. But I'd be curious about G12-65 + Redback also. The Redback is a sensitive speaker and might he louder than some others. But the easy speaker distortion you get from the more traditional speakers will still cut through a volume difference won't it?
I tried the V30 and 12L together and liked the that. 12L+Redback is my personal favorite.
Well probably should have mentioned this... the cab on the LHS is a no-name 2x12 vert with a v30 (openback top) and a 200W series II EVM12L (closed bottom). It's really by far the best sounding cab with the V, great bottom, a bit scooped with nice top end. Don't find myself messing with the EQ very much when using it. Logistically, even with casters it's a PITA for one guy to move around on a regular basis.

Wondering if anyone has run a EVM with something else in a Recto 2x12 cab with a V?


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