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  1. rarebitusa

    Just a few general comments or opinion of the Badlander 100W

    Cool... I think that is really interesting WRT to the loop GEQ not being needed. :cool:
  2. rarebitusa

    Help to ID Older Boogie

    yes indeed... right in the middle :D Mark IIB Aug. 1980 - May 1983 5575-11000 Mesa Amp Serial #'s
  3. rarebitusa

    Who Needs Pedals

    the RA & two BLs lots of el34 goodness there :cool:
  4. rarebitusa

    Getting Good Sound Boogie Mark V 90 Watt Head

    Tweed voicing is one of my favs... plus going 90W mode gives it alot of headroom. Lot's of sounds in the V if one has the patience to experiment. :)
  5. rarebitusa

    What Mesa has the best cleans?

    Yea can definitely vouch for the Maverick, I play with a guy who has one, very straightforward amp from a user perspective and he greats a sweet clean tone out of it.
  6. rarebitusa

    What Mesa has the best cleans?

    Just one man's opinion and yes very subjective... currently with a IIC+ HR, V:90, LSS and ACE. If I am desiring a deep lush clean with pedal headroom then it's the LSS. Speakers/cabs do have a big say in the equation. If it's more that spanky clean the IIC+ (V1 and Treb down, gains up pretty...
  7. rarebitusa

    Which Boogie Channel does the best Mesa-fied version of the JCM800 tone?

    No surprise you'll receive many ranging opinions from "get a Marshall" to "mesa can do anything" :cool: Fairly accepted that the Stiletto and Royal Atlantic models are more in that camp. However this Euge Valovirta Mark V vid gives a nod to the V, you can be the judge :) Mark V Chan 2 Plexi...
  8. rarebitusa

    Boogie mk iv

    I have a buddy with a IV... he said if I touched any of the knobs on it.. he'd beat me. It had taken him a long time to dial in a tone he liked and if I changed anything he'd never be able to figure it out LOL
  9. rarebitusa


    5-band Mesa GEQ in the loop always... great tone shaper
  10. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    So early on in my 4CM GT-100 learning curve journey I was relying on YT vids and forums. This got me going initially, but what was the most worthwhile was purchasing a few patch sets from Glenn DeLaune Boss GT patches Just forked for the 4CM and the standard patch sets which were really cost...
  11. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    I'll assume the dummy plug is suggested so there is no input signal into the preamp when bypassed.
  12. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    following up on Eevil's last one... Now I don't have a GT-1000 or Core but if you are using a GT user preset patch I'm going to assume it is not one setup for 4CM. To adapt to 4CM turn on the send/return block and turn off the GT's preamp and see if that doesn't change things. Yes... this has a...
  13. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    Yea, well I have a GT-100, run the 4CM and have spent a great deal of time tuning patches. There's alot of knobs to twist in the signal chain, noise gates can help with noise, but where they are placed in the chain matters. Can you describe the "unwanted noise"? Does it change with gain levels?
  14. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    In that case I suggest using not using the GT input. Use the GT return and setup the send/return block. You may need to adjust the levels of the block to match signal level.
  15. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    oops didn't see this.... yes this way!!! (y)
  16. rarebitusa

    Boss GT1000 in effects loop?

    4CM - Four Cable Method is what you may want to consider. This link covers the approach in some detail. There are multiple YT vids that cover it also. This will give you flexibility in selecting the onboard GT Amp models or the amps preamp. It's possible to run the GT exclusively in the amps...
  17. rarebitusa

    New guy here with possible mark 2 c +

    I had my IIC for many, many years before upgrading... TBH it's a great amp either way IIC or "+", yea alot of attention gets paid to Chan 2, but IMHO Chan 1 is amazing on either one. BTW, you gotta try the EVM :D
  18. rarebitusa

    New guy here with possible mark 2 c +

    Oh for sure the "+" will significantly change the lead chan... big time. Mike B will call and ask "Now just checking but are you sure you want to do this? It will be a major change" :unsure: However, what's sometimes overlooked in the mod is that the Fx Loop is rearranged and much more usable...
  19. rarebitusa

    Retubed MKV90 - 34's back to 6L6's

    what do you like about the switch?
  20. rarebitusa

    TC50 first impressions and argument to buy

    Blasphemy I say LOL I went to 6CA7's in the Ace, would like a bit more bottom end, Rubys are hard to find. :(