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    New Member. Mark IV A. need help

    The oldest Mark IV manual I have is 13 typed pages. If you prefer not to use zip, I can attach them as 13 jpeg files. Let me know if this helps.
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    hello new member here

    Welcome to the forum! What additional Mesa are you looking to obtain?
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    Nomad 100 112

    Some of their combos are heavy. I have pinched nerves in my back. My Mark IV stays home quite a bit these days. The Nomad 45 is light enough I can still carry it around.
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    Nomad 100 112

    Welcome to the forum! Nice price on the Nomad 100. I have the 45 1x12. Never changed the bubs on mine. I would expect they are nothing fancy. My 45 is not that heavy. I used it as my grab-and-go amp. I know the 100s are a bit heavier though. What are you liking about it (specifically)?
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    New Member

    Welcome! Hope you find the flavor from the Mark vii that suits you best.
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    New to Board

    @Custom24 , how have you been doing these last few days? Feeling okay?
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    New to Board

    I use my SG on channel 2 of my Mark IV. Nice sound, very reminiscent of ABB. My LP reacts to channel 3 better that it does to channel 2. For jazzy (with a touch of hair) on the IV, I use channel 1, with the gain pretty much cranked. As a side note, channel 2 picks up where channel 1 leads off.
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    New to Board

    Praying for you. I have not been on the GrailTone site in years. When I left, there was a dearth of activity. What sort of settings are you seeking?
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum! I'm not a repairer of tube amps (just a Mesa player/fan since the very early 80s). Hope you find the references and data you need.
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    New Member - Nomad and Subway

    Welcome to the zoo from another Nomad fan. I have the 45 1x12. Nice little amp.
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    So I've got a mark IV "B" what's a Roadster give me if anything ?

    I have not played a Roadster, but I have had a Mark IV for years. This post is 100% correct about the IV. When I first started playing it, I realized pretty quickly how unforgiving the amp was. Every single mistake I made was glaringly obvious. I was disheartened at first, but after time I...
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    TA-30 reverb ???'s

    The reverb on my TA-30 is quite good. It does change a bit if I switch wattages, but not much. Do you have the error on both channel 1 and 2?
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    Mark VII and Fryette PS2?

    I do not have a Mark VII. I have a Mark IV, which I do use with my PS2. On the Mark IV, the volume pot is tricky. A 1/100 change goes from comfortable volume to killing small pets at 30 yards. The PS2 takes care of all of that. Plus, it give me a great/easy way to get line level into my recorder.
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    New Member

    Welcome indeed! I have a Mark IV and a Nomad, along with a TA-30. My favorite? Whichever one I am playing at the moment! :cool:
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    New member - Mesa owner since 2008

    Welcome to the forum!
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    New to the Boogie

    Welcome to the club! I've played nothing but Mesas for years. My favorite one? Whichever one is powered up and plugged into! :cool:
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    My first Mesa

    Welcome indeed! Nice choice.
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    TA-30 treble trouble

    I don't know enough about amp internals to tell you much. I know on mine, the treble is not nearly that aggressive. When I have had questions about my Mesas, I called them directly. Most of the time, they have been able to answer my questions. It may be an option for you.
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    NAD - Nomad 55 2x12

    I have used it from time to time, but not on a regular basis. For what I play, I like it without it. With it, it does give it more pop and juice, but it also brings in a lot of noise.
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    NAD - Nomad 55 2x12

    Never played the 55. Mine is a 45 1x12. I don't use channel 3 a whole lot. But, channel 2 gives a thick, juicy tone that I like a lot. Channel 1 has some really nice clean tones. I wish there was a way to take channel 1's "pushed" tones and replace channel 3 with them. Lol. My Nomad is a lot...