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    Mark V 90 Combo Reverb Tank Connectors I/O

    It won't hurt anything if it's backwards, you won't get reverb. Hook it up one way, if there's no reverb , swap the cables.
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    V:90 V4 - 12ax7 low gain options?

    Each of those types have different characteristics other than gain, like current, transconductance? , etc, but they are generally accepted to be interchangeable without catastrophic results.
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    V:90 V4 - 12ax7 low gain options?

    I had to search for this image, I think it's from tube retailer
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    New Member

    There will always be a place for the boosted jcm800/SLO/rectifier sound, but the mark sound , to me, is so much more alive.
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    Mark V tone issue

    I don't have a specific idea of what it is, but I would guess internal switching issues. That ch2 doesn't seem 100% right. The ch3 is very wrong. Maybe a bad preamp tube. Look at owners manual tube task chart for a tube that is only shared by ch2+ch3.
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    Mark VII - dang double gang - messed up FX levels

    Maybe a volume pedal in the fx loop with your looper pedal. I used to have a morley volume pedal (I don't know exact model #) it had an adjustable minimum volume. So the pedal's maximum was always all the way toe forward, and a pot would set the heel down low volume limit, from completely off to...
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    Apartment living v2

    I think it was this board that I posted my apartment setup. Well, it's against a different wall now, new metal shelf, and sharing space with microwave and air fryer lol. MarkV 90, peavey valve king 50, and Princeton reverb with 12" alnico. Stompboxes underneath shelf. My 2 electrics right now...
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    Effects Loop gain on Mark V 90

    True, do you mean loop hard bypass, or do you mean using the footswitch to temporarily turn off fx loop? Big difference
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    2 very sweet fujigen rg520's at guitar center columbus, used

    I'd snag them if I could handle the $, but I can't do it. Guitar center Columbus, (and online) 2 very nice 1999-ish ? Rg520. I spoke with the employees, the guitars are cherry mint and come from a local collector. I can't for the life of me imagine why he sold them to GC, but they're nice.
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    Can you help identify this cab?

    Mixing speakers is the best
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    Apartment living. Cart from menards.

    Here's a fairly heavy duty cart from menards, $60, the casters are seperate, $17. 36" x 14" x 59" Paperwork says each shelf can hold 250lbs. I'm digging it so far.
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    Mark V Channel 2 Problem

    If your sane exact setup used to work fine and now it doesn't, likely an internal component failure.
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    Mark V Channel 2 Problem

    You're using a g major to a fcb1010 with the 1/4" channel switching Jack's on the mkv at the same time as the mesa footswitch with 8 pin DIN? That sounds like a recipe for confusing the mkv switching logic.
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    Express 5:25 Bias Mod

    Great, another happy mesa running cool ❄️❄️❄️
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    Express 5:25 Bias Mod

    Yes, I see your logic, too, and I'm not saying it's wrong . The way I understand secondary windings is that they need a reference. Like how the ac heaters can be lifted , or how zener on the CT can lower overall Voltage. I'm not an engineer so I wouldn't be surprised if my understanding is...
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    Express 5:25 Bias Mod

    I suggest attaching the unused leg of the bias pot in your drawing to the wiper leg. That way, if there's ever anything goofy going on with the pot, it will "fail" towards maximum negative voltage, instead of possibly losing -VDC reference to ground.
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    Mark V:35 on Thiele 1x12 EVM12L not saturating like I want–is it a speaker problem?

    +1 vote for wrong speaker. "Wrong" as in voiced differently for running a quad of el84.

    So many people are accustomed to using sweetwater, guitarcenter, and musiciansfriend as their mail-order instrument tryout provider. Free shipping both ways, probably never intended to keep it. Apparently that mentality is spilling over to reverb? 🙄😬✝️
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    Mark V 90 power tube voltages and bias

    Wolfgar, me in a band? No. Been in a few groups over the years though. Playing guitar for 30 years +/-
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    Mesa 20/20 Loud Hum Poss. Grounding Issue

    If that's an early one, it's pushing 30 years. Electrolytic cap failure?