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  1. b00g13mk2B

    Best New Tubes For MarkIIA?

    Been playing my 60W MarkIIA a lot the past year, starting to think about power tube replacement. Mesa emailed that their STR 445s would be a good choice. They have 4 types of 6L6 tubes on their web site. Does anyone have first-hand experience for comparison? STR 448, STR 443, STR 441 are the...
  2. b00g13mk2B

    Post your rig - part 3

    Just got a Mather 2x12 cab used, loaded with Purple Haze and Winterland Tone Tubbies. Sarno Revelation preamp, ART SLA-2 (overkill, got it cheap) and an old Midiverb 2. Sounds best with my Tele.
  3. b00g13mk2B

    Mark IIC+ very ill! Please help!

    Check that the speaker is plugged in and is good. Being on (power and standby) with no speaker load can cause damage. You can try a known good guitar cord in the effects loop. Sometime the send and return jacks can get oxidized and cause an open circuit for the signal path. There are other...
  4. b00g13mk2B

    Who is Still Gigging Their Vintage Mark Series Amps?

    There is an RCA jack on the bottom of my MKIIA chassis for a Gain Boost footswitch. Haven’t used it in years, my try it again. This amp has become my regular gigging amp the past few months, using a THD Hot Plate to tame it. Pulled down treble and brightness with the Tele, also using a Black...
  5. b00g13mk2B

    Mesa Mark II chassis screw size

    I recall 8-32. Mesa sells them
  6. b00g13mk2B

    Who is Still Gigging Their Vintage Mark Series Amps?

    I have been using the MKIIA live more and more. I have gone to using dirt pedals instead of the lead channel. No issues setting levels between dirt, clean and more dirt. I am using a TC Spark at the end of the pedal board chain for lead boosts. Helps to not bring the gain too high for both dirt...
  7. b00g13mk2B

    New Express 5:25 Owner

    Second the Cannabis Rex. Tone Tubby Winterland and 40/40 also sound great and a little brighter than the CR. If brightness is your issue, try turning treble way down, pulling down the high end on the EQ. Also consider how much power is being driven to the speaker. Speaker overall EQ changes as...
  8. b00g13mk2B

    Sometimes you don't appreciate what you've got thread

    Xotic SP compressor. Took me awhile to get it set where you can’t feel the squeeze. I leave it on all the time now, unless I use a humbucker guitar.
  9. b00g13mk2B

    Sometimes you don't appreciate what you've got thread

    I gigged my 5:25+ this past Thursday in a small bar. Not not heavy, more than loud enough and great tone. Have been using a Tele the past year and dealing with brightness. I found that setting Clean gain to around 3/4 and using 15W made a big difference. I still turned down the treble to 10...
  10. b00g13mk2B

    what are the dovetail dimensions of boogie hardwood cabs?

    Do you have the other details on thickness, dimensions and method of assembly? Your thread can be the resource for others . My friend helped build the Black Limba combo cabinet for my MarkIIA. We just measured the plywood/tolex original and winged it. Love it, but the following items are not to...
  11. b00g13mk2B

    Who is Still Gigging Their Vintage Mark Series Amps?

    Got the Mark IIA out last night. Used a thd Hot Plate to tame it and still let let output section work. Also added a JHS reverb pedal to my board (mine is a plain vanilla Super Sixty). I am using dirt pedals more these days no matter which amp I’m using. The pot on the lead channel on the...
  12. b00g13mk2B

    Mark Series Serial Numbers

    My Mark IIA is 4972 with a chassis date of 4/1/80 in sharpie
  13. b00g13mk2B

    MS-12 vs EVM12L

    Have not used an EVM-12L but understand it is more open/clear than the MS-12. Perhaps more high end. I have an MS-12 in a Mark IIA and think it’s a great speaker. With either speaker, consider the weight! MS-12s seem to be rarer than EVM-12Ls so it may be hard to find one. Could be worth trying...
  14. b00g13mk2B

    Mark v (90) + Les Paul + x pickups

    Try Gravelin pickups. Send this post to Josh and he can custom wind what you are looking for.
  15. b00g13mk2B

    Who is Still Gigging Their Vintage Mark Series Amps?

    I played my MKIIA last weekend. A killer amp at 60W. The Master volume is usable since Mike B rebuilt the pot. Still have to be careful or it will get really loud.
  16. b00g13mk2B

    Who is Still Gigging Their Vintage Mark Series Amps?

    Hope people have gigged their Vintage Mark amps since 2018….. Played last night. Used by Express 5:25+ and brought the MKIIA as backup. Gave the other guitar player a ride, didn’t have room to add his New Vintage so offered to let him use the MKIIA. The amp recently returned from Mike B after...
  17. b00g13mk2B

    Tube noob bought a Triple Rec

    All the tubes should glow, all 12ax7 should glow about the same. I don’t know which tube is associated with the different channels. You could power -off, swap a glowing and non-glowing 12ax7 and see if things change. Does the non- glowing tube stay that way or is it specific to a socket. Where...
  18. b00g13mk2B

    What's your best combination preamp + poweramp

    I have used the effects send from my Express 5:25+ to the power amp in of my MKIIA, kept the character of the Express surprisingly well. One of the best clean sounds was a non-Boogie combo. Took the FX send of my Sarno Revelation preamp to the MKIIA power amp in. Amazing how much volume and...
  19. b00g13mk2B

    Complete MARKIIb Options

    You can email Customer Support. They may be able to shed light on your amp. Provide what features and maybe pics of front panel, back panel and underneath the chassis
  20. b00g13mk2B

    Complete MARKIIb Options

    This thread my help. Post is Footswitch for MARK2 B and poster was domglop78 Sounds like the functions vary depending on what option are installed - reverb, EQ - or as a customer requested. My Mark IIA has an RCA jack underneath that...