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    For Sale Classifieds for non-mesa gear?

    Wasn't there a classified section for non-Mesa gear before? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought there was. Is it OK to post non-Mesa gear here then?
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    For Sale Abacus MIDI controller

    Hello, I will be listing an Abacus MIDI foot controller but can't find any recent sales of them to figure pricing. I've looked here, Craigslist, EBay completed sales, and the only one I have found is one on Reverb for 149 plus 30 shipping, but it is missing the LCD screen. Mine is fully...
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    M-Pulse Venture power toggle switch repair

    Update.. I called Mesa and they said the faceplate needs to be removed. Trying to troubleshoot and see if there is anything else, I jumpered the power switch. It powered on, but no sound. Checked the external and 2 internal fuses, no issues. Looks like I'll pass on this purchase.
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    M-Pulse Venture power toggle switch repair

    Hello, I know someone selling an M-Pulse Venture combo, but the power switch needs replaced. It should be an extremely easy fix but the nut on the outside is recessed so I cannot get a wrench or socket on it. It doesn't look like it can be removed from the inside. It appears that if the face of...
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    Carvin 7 string with EMG's

    Carvin 7 string guitar in excellent condition. Stock pickups removed and EMG 81-7 pickups installed, volume only no tone control. Neck thru, figured maple top, mahogany body sides, birdseye maple fingerboard with no front inlays, side dot only. Gold hardware. Schaller strap locks plus part that...
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    Jackson PC-1 in natural

    Jackson PC-1 in very good condition. No issues, everything works great. Only mod was that I put Schaller strap locks on it, will include the part that goes on the strap. Mahogany body with quilted maple top Flamed maple compound-radius fingerboard Quartersawn maple bolt-on neck 24 frets, no...
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    5 preamp tubes, what are they worth

    I've been looking on ebay, thanks for the suggestion though. Preamp tubes wear out quicker than power tubes? I thought it was the other way around. I've read where preamp tubes in use could last years, even decades. I think I've replaced 2 preamp tubes due to them going bad in close to 30 years...
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    5 preamp tubes, what are they worth

    I was contacted by someone with a little more information about the Hammond tubes. They are Mullards, labeled as Hammond. On the side is 1022-726. Also 163 B7A3 and 163 B7A2 or 3. This designates that they are from the Blackburn factory, manufactured the 2nd and 3rd week of January, 1967...
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    5 preamp tubes, what are they worth

    I have a set of preamp tubes that I no longer have a use for. I believe that I went with the advice from this board on picking these tubes, but that was a few years back. They were for a DR that I had and it sounded great with them, and when I sold it, I took these tubes back out and they've...
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    Mesa Boogie on IK Multimedia Amplitube

    My playing will never be where I want it to be. If I get better I raise my expectations of myself. I guess that's a good thing and keeps us motivated. But thank you. As far as the tone, yep, I think it's pretty darn good. It must be if Mesa endorsed it and put their name on it.
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    Mesa Boogie on IK Multimedia Amplitube

    I would. Here's a video that I did using Amplitube Mesa Boogie. For the rhythm guitars, they are Amplitube Mesa Boogie, Engl, and I used the Kemper. But the solos are 100% Amplitube Mesa Boogie, using the Mark IV model. I'm sure there are a lot of people that will say they can tell the...
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    Two Notes Torpedo VB-101

    Well, in a nutshell and taken from my craigslist listing..... Loadbox, Speaker-Miking Simulator, Studio Effects In near mint condition, no scratches, rack rash or anything. 150w RMS load box. Allows you to play and record silently, using an amp or preamp. Speaker and miking simulator...
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    Two Notes Torpedo VB-101

    Price dropped.
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    Wanted Mesa SUS4 10 or 12 space rack

    I've got a 6 space available.
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    Two Notes Torpedo VB-101

    Two Notes Torpedo VB-101 in excellent to mint condition, no rack scratches or anything. Not interested in any trades. $1050 or best offer.
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    My Mesa SUS-4 6 space rack for your SUS-4 4 space

    Anyone interested in a straight up trade of rack cases? I've got a Mesa SUS-4 6 space rack case and will straight up trade someone for their Mesa SUS-4 4 space rack case. In good-very good condition. There are some scratches here and there but structurally it is sound, all the latches work...
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    FS:Mesa 4x12 bottom cab Metal grill,Celes/Ev SOLD! 12/10/14

    I know that your cab is sold, but if you have anyone that was interested I'd appreciate it if you'd send them my way. I have 2 of them that are exactly the same as yours except mine both have all Celestion C90 speakers and I have the tops enclosed with the optional and removable panels. Other...