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  1. J

    Mark III Combo passed away :-( Help needed

    Put a new fuse AND power tubes, check out the screen-grid resistors, and let it rip.
  2. J

    C+/Mk V shootout, pt. 1

    Still here, my username and password got changed, by no fault of my own. Mike still has his 180W C+ and simul upgraded B>C+ amps. His mark V has been sold, to my knowledge. We have both been through divorces since then. But the old amps have remained in the proper hands. Including my 3 Simul...
  3. J

    Mark II ID’ing

    Not me.
  4. J

    Mark II ID’ing

    From what I got these amps might have set on the shelf with no serial #s, until they were installed into a head or combo shell. That might explain things a bit.
  5. J

    2x12 Half-Back

    The 2x12x halfback is more vented than ported like the 1x12 theile cabinet.
  6. J

    Mark III HRG Blue Stripe -> DRG No Stripe Conversion

    it's the combo cab, I did not want to say it out loud. :unsure:
  7. J

    Slant cabs 2x or 4x?

    Dual thiele cabs with the EVM-12L's rock hard, too.
  8. J

    Slant cabs 2x or 4x?

    I have the 2x12 and 4x12 metal grille with all EVM-12L speakers. With the C+ amp head, they are the bomb.
  9. J

    Slant cabs 2x or 4x?

  10. J

    Should Mesa Boogie reissue the Mark IIC+ ?

    I like my 2001 Viper GTS with the V-10 and T-56 manual and can't even imagine it with a turbo 4-cyl, even if it was faster. It's the principality of the matter. LOL Ever hear the phrase "You can't compete with a ghost" Hmmmm
  11. J

    Bought a Mark VII!

    The JP-2C should feel a little more punchy in the low frequencies due to its 60/100 style power section.
  12. J

    Bought a Mark VII!

    It's hard to beat the 105 PT and Sylvanias loaded up Mark 2 or 3.
  13. J

    Help ID of MK II ?

    Good move, that will shut up the lowballers.
  14. J

    Got a Mark III or IIC front panel you can scan?

    I smell a lawsuit written all over this. Be careful.:oops:
  15. J

    Mark IIC+ verification help needed

    RP-11A says that is a C+. It is either a HRGX or a DRGX model.
  16. J

    Bought a Mark VII!

    I don't know why MESA does not offer the EVM-12L as an optional speaker in their cabinets. It fits the Mark-series so well.
  17. J


    The serial #'s were stamped when the chassis were installed into the cabinet, from what I've heard. There is a chance that the amp was ordered as a purple stripe, and the order was cancelled. It sat on the shelf until another order was placed and the serial number was stamped at that time. Best...
  18. J

    Identify this head?

    Mark 3 75/15 watts, may or may not have a reverb knob on the rear panel. By the script on the Rhythm 2 control, I would say that is it an early model. 1985-ish.
  19. J

    Mark v volume loss

    Diode AND tube rectifier modes?