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  1. J

    Thoughts on trying the Van Halen Variac trick with a rectifier

    Edit: Mile High Effects said what I meant but explained it so much better. Ignore me & read that post. :p
  2. J

    Thoughts on trying the Van Halen Variac trick with a rectifier

    I always assumed the idea was to run the variac down to what the older amps/transformers were used to seeing. Used to be 110v or less. Now it's 115v & sometimes a tad more. The studio was probably wired up to more modern spec. even back then.
  3. J

    So, what amps do you own?

    Just the stuff in my signature except for a Pignose Hog 30
  4. J

    Replacement reverb rank suggestions for Mark V

    On the Mesa reverb point; I have an old DC-5 and honestly the reverb is my only complaaint. It's ok, kind of "meh". My Oceans 11 made up for in spades though. Less headache than opening the old girl up again for sure.
  5. J

    Dc-5 in the shop

    Any good news? I sure hope you got that DC-5 back.
  6. J

    First Boogie Ever

    Congradulations!! What a great deal! The DC-5B head was my first Boogie. Never looked back! It's been super reliable for the last 20+ yrs. You'll enjoy it. Does that combo have a C90? For my ears, these amps really shine with those speakers.
  7. J

    What to do with a non functioning 1964 Fender Bandmaster

    Wow... thankfully I didn't play very long or loud through that cab. Honestly, I may just try to sell the whole thing as is. Truth be told I don't really need another project, especially one that needs some true tlc I don't honestly have the time for. Interested in a 60's Bandmaster with cab...
  8. J

    What to do with a non functioning 1964 Fender Bandmaster

    Again, thanks for all the informed advice. That's just what I needed. Really enjoying the matching cab. It thumps with my Mesa! LOL! Can't believe it's still going strong. I could have sworn the internal # on the tube layout indicated 64 but I could be wrong obviously. Woudln't be the first...
  9. J

    What to do with a non functioning 1964 Fender Bandmaster

    Thanks for all the advice! I finally got it out of storage & thought I'd share some pix.
  10. J

    What to do with a non functioning 1964 Fender Bandmaster

    A while back an old family friend passed away. Not having any kids, his wife gave me his music equipment. I've sold some, kept some but still have a 1964 matching Bandmaster head & cab. Cab still works perfect but the head is another story. No tubes, the perfboard is melted & warrped. Should I...
  11. J

    If you want a DC Cartel logo, PM me (please incl email addy)

    Hmm.. my cartel logo just now displays img code. Tried it with all the options but no graphic. Thanks for your time!
  12. J

    Going rate for 50 Caliber+

    There's a local sale for a 50 Cal+. The tolex is in rough shape but has been recapped & retubed. No issues listed with it. What are 50cal's going for these days.
  13. J

    The Official DC Club

    Could anyone help as to why my DC Cartel image isn't showing in my signature? I get " " or any similar img code instead of the Cartel graphic. Any thanks would be welcome.
  14. J

    Wanted Reverb/EQ footswitch for Mark III

    Give them a call. You'd be surprised what they have in inventory that just isn't listed on the site. My amp needed a handle that wasn't on the site. After a friendly cust service call I received an identical handle that looked just like the original one from 1990.
  15. J

    What is the difference between these two boogie cabs?

    Best of both worlds. Closed or open. These cabs sould be released.
  16. J

    EQ switch variants

    I use mine EQ auto on lead & off on clean. The clean sounds more "fendery" to my ears.
  17. J

    Favorite Guitar and Boogie Pairings

    Same as when I first got 'em. My 83 Ibanez Artist & DC-5.
  18. J

    Which amp sounds like a Mark and Recto mixed?

    To my ears the DC-5 has a bit of both Mark & Recto. Neither of the two, it's own beast for sure but there's some DNA from both amps for sure.
  19. J

    Wanted Reverb/EQ footswitch for Mark III

    Unless it has to be the 80s original with the molded cable, Mesa still sells that footswitch. Footswitch - Reverb & EQ