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  1. Vectorfire

    Mark II amp tone stacks- how to set for flat EQ?

    Resistor values. They are non-user-serviceable potentiometers, knobs without the knob, and how amp designers differentiate their products from one another, even when they may be based on similar circuits/tone stacks.
  2. Vectorfire

    Quad preamp manuals power amp recommendation

    As someone who lives within the city limits, I don't have a method of attenuating 200w x2. At least with the 295, I can slap a pair of Suhr Attenuators on the beast and go right into an analog mixer. What specifically makes you regret not gong with the 400?
  3. Vectorfire

    Quad preamp manuals power amp recommendation

    Seems the 395 didn't hit till February of 92. The 295 was the only amp from that big steel/big block transformer boogie era that blends both 6L6 and El34's. This is something I definitely wanted to explore and a big selling point when I made my purchase...
  4. Vectorfire

    Quad preamp manuals power amp recommendation

    I've never bought a preamp before that came with a qualifying statement like this. Use 'our', very specific power amp, and we also must recommend you use absolutely nothing else. Good day! :P Bold marketing.
  5. Vectorfire

    Quad preamp manuals power amp recommendation

    Any thoughts on this note from the quad manual? Was the 2:90 not out yet, or do we only want big steel as tersely recommend?
  6. Vectorfire

    Simul-Class 2:90 Version I vs II

    I see that there were two versions of the 2:90. I'm searching for one for my new Quad preamp and I'm curious what the advantages or deficiencies are between the two. Zen desk touched upon the subject but failed to address what the revision encompasses internally. I can see a line/instrument...
  7. Vectorfire

    Made new rack ears for Studio Preamp

    Eduardo, I also just found this post in my search for some rack ears to safely store my Boogie Quad. The ears that came with the unit look like they had been crushed in a high-speed tractor-trailer accident. :P If you had a set of Quad ears for sale, I would be a very thankful customer!
  8. Vectorfire

    How to wire up the reverb tank on a LSC RM?

    The input and output is not labelled on the chassis or on the schematic in the manual. :?: I'm assuming that the shielded cable is the return from the tank, where the shielded is the send. Would this be correct? Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thank you all! Chassis Connections...