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    Nice, congrats. I had an Ampeg V4 and the tverb is in the same volume league. I don't think I'd own one if I didn't have a DI rig, the point where Red Modern sounds good is unmanageably loud for any place smaller than 500 seats (my house does not seat 500.) Would be interested in your thoughts...
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    Roadster - 6L6GC STR440 tube not perfectly seated in the socket ?

    It's fine. If you just want it "in" for OCD sake just grab it (when it's cold) and give it a little wiggle and push down. You won't hurt anything, and you'll see that the tubes and sockets are actually pretty robust.
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    Mod a Rev G to F

    you want to mod a chrome chassis rev G triple? that's goofy, that's a $4K amp. it's rarer than rev Fs. I've had both. put a ge-7 in front of the rev g and take 100, 300 and 400 down a notch and a half. put 6.2 up a little less than one notch. turn level down one notch, maybe a notch and a half...
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    For Sale Mesa Coliseums -- Mark IIB+, Mark III no-stripe, Mark III blue stripe

    what other things do you hear in your head because **** son
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    Any Interest in a Custom Amp Switcher?

    I own the V2, using it with four heads into a 2x12 or my Torpedo Live. I'd been looking at the KHE stuff but decided to try the de Lisle based on price. Realized after about two weeks that it did everything I needed for my jam room setup. Great unit, seems very well built, does everything it...
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    Dual Rec volume drop question

    both mine and my buddy's tremoverbs had dropouts related to a big resistor near the PI (sorry, I'm not a tech, I can't tell you which one) that had drifted over time (it's been 30 years...) and was heating up and causing a trace to lift. another friend had the same thing happen on his roadster...
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    New OEM Rackmount Kit for Mark IIC++

    That's a really nice piece of work. Is the tube bar removable? I know you said you were using it for rigidity...

    No, they don't. I've done several dozen deals on reverb and never had an issue. But I've only ever bought one guitar on there, and never sold one. It always seems to be guitar deals where either the buyer or the seller is a scammer or crazy person.
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    Suggestions for a Mesa amp for mid heavy sound

    Badlander for sure. Single Rec Series II in perfect shape costs about 40 per cent of what a new Badlander does, though...
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    Suggestions for a Mesa amp for mid heavy sound

    El Hefe plays a Mark III. It's a really good punk amp. So are Single Rectifiers.
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    A(lmost)NAD - 1986 Mark III Purple Stripe with R2 mod

    Hi Dave and welcome! You won't miss the DI volume :) 4x6L6 is fine in Simul-class Mark IIIs, I used to do it all the time. Regarding "closer to IIC+" the differences between Mark III stripes are, to me, overrated, and I've had all of them. The Purple was the most unique because R2 was much...
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    Red channel noise

    have you tried a different cable?
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    Rectifier thread is sleeping. Wake up!

    @Neptical I've owned several Mark IIIs as well, down to one at the moment, and I mostly agree. The Mark III can do beautiful cleans/edge-of-breakup but only if you dial it in completely differently than you would for anything else. It's the usual Mark III thing, if you are picky about tone you...
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    Loss of bass in dual rectifier 100watts

    put the closed back panel back on a roadster, put it on the floor (as long as the roadster still has its V30s). plug the Single into the roadster's cab, go to channel 2 red on any setting, dial it in however you want (or just start at noon on everything and maybe 1:30 on gain) but turn the...
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    Loss of bass in dual rectifier 100watts

    even just generally speaking, 4x12s don't give you much until you're up to drummer volume (in my experience, anyways)
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    Loss of bass in dual rectifier 100watts

    go into modern mode and put everything at noon. are you still lacking bass? if you're pushing a 4x12 you can't really judge "how it sounds" unless there's some volume.
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    Loss of bass in dual rectifier 100watts

    What type of cab do you have it plugged into? How loud do you have it turned up?
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    The Gear Page

    it's because people take themselves too seriously and get into internet flex fights over power tube biasing. I've been a member there for years but I don't post much, because I realize when I don't have much to add to a topic. there is always someone on tgp who knows more than you do. no...
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    Dual Rectifier Rev G drops volume after a while

    @FedWar no, I don't, amp tech did the work.
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    Dual Rectifier Rev G drops volume after a while

    OP, dunno if you are still out there having this problem, but I have seen it on both a rev g dual and a tverb where there's a big resistor near the PI that's starting to heat up and desolder itself and/or cause its trace to lift. It's not a hard fix but it's a pain to troubleshoot, took multiple...